Condo Living

Condo living is a great alternative to the time and money consumed to maintaining the exterior of a home.  Every condo association is different and has different expenses associated with the property. Is it a city condo without landscaping, swimming pool and exercise room? Generally the fees are less but this also depends on how many condos contribute to the association. Smaller associations have less to care for but also have less paying in. Condos are non profits which are filed with the state of Ohio so all the money spent is for the upkeep and maintenance of the building, a fee to pay for a management company if there is one involved, master insurance and accrual for future repairs.  The City of Cincinnati, and Columbia Township, offer a fantastic Tax Abatement program that majorly reduces taxes from 10-15 years depending on LEED Status and whether it is a landominium or condominium. Click on the link for more information. As a condo living expert I’ll share some of my information that is key to condo living.

As an alternative to condo living, click on “Is condo living for me?” below.  Perhaps a landominium is more to your liking where the maintenance is handled for you but their isn’t a condominium board.

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