Luxury Real Estate

What is luxury real estate?

To every buyer and seller this has a different meaning. Is it a fabulous estate in Indian Hill or Hyde Park or is it a fabulous renovated mansion in Westwood? Each has different price points and in our city it means that you can spend as little as $300,000 or as much as $30,000,000 plus depending on the neighborhood. Almost every neighborhood in Greater Cincinnati has a pocket of exquisite homes and it can be very daunting to figure it out.

Every area of Greater Cincinnati offers old mansions with river views or new construction with city views, acreage or minimal care and everything in between. Is it more important to have an entire community of luxury homes or are you looking for something with more diverse housing stock? If you would like to see what luxury listings are available in Cincinnati I have specialized in it for years and am very aware of the different areas and amenities. Give me a call at 513-703-2353 and after a brief chat I’ll set you up with an automated search function that is tailored to your needs and wants.

Visit Woodland Vistas Townhomes and 18 E Fourth St. for a couple of my luxury realestate listings.